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Soothies - $11.95 (price per pair)
Soothies - for treatment of sore or damaged nipples
Soothies $11.95
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Soothies is a hydrogel pad designed to be worn inside your bra to prevent and soothe painful, cracked, or bleeding nipples and contribute to the healing process. Soothies contain a low water/high glycerin content which provides natural moisture to the area without causing skin maceration. Recent studies have shown that by retaining the internal natural moisture level of the skin, nipple trauma improves more quickly. In addition Soothies inhibits bacterial growth. To order this item, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Grey "Order" button.

  • Soothes painful nipples
  • Absorbs any nipple wound drainage (exudate)
  • Prevents bacterial growth (including that of Staphylococcus Aureus, the most common form cultured on nipple tissue) which commonly infects open wounds
  • Prevents skin maceration; will not stick to skin
  • Comfortable to wear; conforms to the contour of your breast
  • Can be placed in refrigerator for extra cooling relief
  • Will not dry out; can be used for days and weeks at a time if not saturated with drainage (exudate)
  • The pad is usable until saturated with liquid, or when it becomes very thick and spongy.
  • 65% glycerin,17 1/2% water, and 17 1/2 % cross-linked polymer matrix.

    Questions and Answers

    Are Soothies™ FDA Approved and how long have they been on the market? Soothies™ are are a class 1 exempt product. Soothies™ - to soothe painful nipples - have been on the market since July 2000.

    How are Soothies™ packaged? Soothies™ are packaged by the pair.

    How often do you change Soothies™? It all depends on the amount of leakage that the mother is experiencing between breastfeeding sessions — generally, 1-3 days. Soothies™ absorbs fluid into the pad, and entraps it inside. The pad is reusable until saturated with liquid. It will become very thick and spongy when it is saturated.

    Can you use ointment/creams with Soothies™? Yes, creams or ointments may be used underneath Soothies™. If using creams or ointments, use sparingly and only over the wounded skin. Do not use ointment on the surrounding skin tissue because Soothies™ will be unable to gently cling, and may slip from the area you want covered.

    Can Soothies™ be cut to size? Yes. To achieve best results, leave the clear plastic cover on the gel before cutting.

    How do Soothies™ affect mastitis? We recommend that you consult a physician if you are experiencing mastitis. Being able to nurse frequently is important to resolve mastitis. Soothies™ provide protection to the nipple area, promoting breastfeeding comfort, which will enhance the resolution of mastitis.

    Can they be stored in the refrigerator? Yes, but it is recommended that they are kept in a sealed bag so that they will not be exposed to the moisture in the refrigerator. They may also be kept in the freezer for additional cooling sensation.

    What's in Soothies™? They are 65% glycerin 17-1/2% water and 17-1/2% polymer matrix which are non-toxic to Mom and baby.

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Home > Breast Care Products > Soothies - for treatment of sore or damaged nipples

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