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Home > Breast Care Products > Lansinoh Cream 2.0 oz tube (by Ameda)

Click to enlargeLansinoh Cream 2.0 oz tube (by Ameda)
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Developed for breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh is an ultrapure, medical-grade modified lanolin. Refined by a patented process to remove environmental impurities and allergic components. Lansinoh is completely safe for use by those who may have a sensitivity to wool or other refinements of lanolin. So pure and safe, Lansinoh does not have to be removed before breastfeeding. Lansinoh has been clinically proven in hospital trials to accelerate the healing process of breastfeeding mothers with sore, cracked nipples. At 100% concentration of Lanolin, Lansinoh is unique in its ability to assist the skin in restoring and maintaining the proper moisture content that is vital to healthy, supple skin. When Lansinoh is applied to injured nipple/areolar skin tissue it slows down the evaporation of the skin's natural moisture, providing a moisture barrier that allows the skin to re-hydrate from within. This process is known as moist wound healing, the most up-to-date method for accelerated healing which eliminates the formation of scabs. 2 oz tube.

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Home > Breast Care Products > Lansinoh Cream 2.0 oz tube (by Ameda)

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