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The Nursing BraceletTM is more than a pretty piece of jewelry, it’s also a reminder bracelet designed to:
  • Track the time a baby nurses to the nearest 15 minute interval, perfect for on -demand feeding or to make sure baby nurses frequently enough.
  • Or count the total number of times a baby feeds in a day.
  • One (included) moveable charm can be used to track time of day of the most recent feeding or time of day for the next scheduled feeding, or total quantity of feedings in a day. Add a second (optional) charm to count both types of activities or another activity such as wet diapers per day, etc. One charm is included with the bracelet and additional charms are sold separately for $2.00 each.

    How to use:

    Beautiful beads represent a 12-hour clock. A charm is attached to this, which the mother moves to mark the time her baby last began a feed. The bracelet’s coil shape allows the mother to track which side she last nursed from by switching the bracelet from wrist to wrist without fiddly clasps or fastenings. Reminders of the last feed time are especially useful if the mother is tired, overworked, or suffering the baby blues.

    Getting Started:

    1. Switch the bracelet from wrist to wrist to keep track of which breast you fed from last.

    2. Move the charm to mark the time your baby's last feed began (see the diagram above). This is helpful if you have a sleepy baby who doesn't wake for feeds, if you would like to establish a breastfeeding schedule, or if you're feeding-on-demand and would like to keep track of your baby's breastfeeding patterns.

    3. An alternative use for the bracelet is to count the total number of feeds in a day (newborns should feed eight to twelve times per day). Place the charm after the relevant number bead.

    The Nursing BraceletTMcan also:

    • Remind working mothers when to pump
    • Count the number of glasses of water drunk in a day
    • Remind you when to take or give medication
    • Keep track of the number of laps walked
    • Remind you of an appointment time
    • Count down the weeks until the baby’s arrival
    • Count the number of wet or dirty diapers in a day

    Add our second, contrasting charm to track twins’ feeds, or track baby’s feed plus any one of the above. Additional Charms can be ordered below.

    The Nursing BraceletTM is the invention of Brooklyn-based mom, Susan Lazor, who, after the birth of her son Ethan, quickly discovered that the usual methods used by nursing mothers to track a baby’s feeds, like pinning a safety pin to your bra or carrying a log book around, were just too cumbersome and inconvenient.

    Susan wanted something small, simple, portable and attractive. Two years of development resulted in the launch of The Nursing BraceletTM, which carries a patent pending status. It is hand assembled in the USA with quality components.

    Copyright © Unique Mums LLC

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Additional Charm

Additional CharmExtra, contrasting charm available for twins or to add alternative function.

The Nursing Bracelet™ can also be used to:

1. Count your baby's wet or dirty diapers in a day
2. Count glasses of water you've drunk in a day
3. Remember when to take/give medication
4. Count number of laps you've walked/run
5. Remember an appointment time
6. Remember when to feed the parking meter
7. Remember when to pump.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Additional Charm

Home > Baby Shower Gifts > The Nursing Bracelet

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