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Medela Double Select (Formerly DoubleEase) Breast Pump
DoubleSelect Regular price: $212.00Sale price: $125.00
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The new Medela DoubleSelectTM replaces the Medela DoubleEase breastpump, at a new lower price, and without the black carrying bag. Model number 67274. For more details on the Double Select and the difference between the Double Select and Pump In Style breastpumps, continue reading this page.

Sorry, but this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Home > Medela Battery & Manual Pumps > Medela Double Select (Formerly DoubleEase) Breast Pump

The new Double Select Breastpump from Medela offers the convenience of double pumping for mothers who need to pump during short-term separations from baby. The Double Select has an advanced motor design for quieter operation and features more convenient selective controls, enhanced ease of use, and complete portability. The mother's comfort is ensured with the pump's AutocycleTM pumping action, which simulates a baby's nursing pattern. Adjustable vacuum lets mothers set the pump to a level that is comfortable and within safe limits. The Double Select can be operated by electricity, or by two C batteries.

The Double Select includes:

  • motor unit
  • two collection bottles with lids
  • two breastshields
  • two yellow valves
  • four white membranes
  • two tubings
  • ac adapter for electric use
  • complete instructions
Double Select Warranty: This pump has a 6 month limited warranty on the motor unit and a 90 day limited warranty on other parts, through the manufacturer. The Double Select is recommended only for occasional mother-baby separation. It is not recommended for women who work full-time outside the home. If you are employed outside the home, or attending school and must be separated from your infant on a regular basis, the Pump in Style (or a Lactina rental) would be the breastpump which is recommended for your situation. Please visit the "Info" page for further details on return policy and warranty claims.

The Pump In Style is the best personal use breastpump on the market and is suitable for all situations. The most significant differences between the Pump In Style and the Double Select are explained here:

FREQUENCY OF USE: The Double Select is not recommended for moms who are working or attending school full time, or for "stay at home moms" who plan to pump more than 7 to 9 times per week. The Pump in Style is more durable and is ideal for frequent or even full-time use, so there is no need to worry about burning out the pump motor due to over-use.

SPEED: The DoubleSelect is slower because it pumps at a rate of approximately 35 cycles per minute and alternates back and forth between each breast. The Pump In Style cycles at approximately 42 to 62 cycles per minute, and pumps both breasts simultaneously, so it is far more efficient - if you are double pumping on the highest speed setting, you are achieving the equivalent of approximately 124 cycles of suction and release per minute. Pumping sessions can be completed much faster with the Pump In Style (the average mom is able to finish pumping within 10-15 minutes while double pumping with a Pump In Style). The speed might be important to you if you will be pumping in between classes at school, or pumping at work. If all of your pumping will be done at home, the speed might be less important to you. Moms who work full time outside the home really need to purchase the Pump in Style or rent a Lactina. "Stay at Home Moms" can use any Medela breastpump, depending on their pumping plans, although many of my "Stay at Home Mom" customers opt for the Pump In Style simply for the added time savings and convenience.

WARRANTY: The Pump in Style has a one year warranty on the motor and the Double Select has a 6 month warranty on the motor. Both have a limited 90 day warranty on the remaining parts. Although the Pump in Style is warranted for one year, I have had several customers who have had their second or third babies who have reported to me that their Pump in Styles are still going strong! The Double Select is a brand new product, so I don't have any historical data on how long it typically lasts and whether or not a client might reasonably anticipate that it might still be working for a second or third baby after the warranty period has expired. The Pump In Style is a more durable design. If either pump motor breaks within the warranty period, Medela will repair or replace the product. You are guaranteed to have a functioning breastpump for the entire 6 month or one year warranty period for whichever breastpump you choose.

POWER OPTIONS: Both breastpumps include an AC transformer for electric use, and a manual breastpump adapter for times when electricity or other power options are not available. The Double Select can also be powered with "C" size batteries, while the Pump is Style can also be powered with 8 AA batteries. The Pump in Style can also be powered by a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter or a rechargeable battery pack (the Medela PowerPak), each of which is sold separately on this website.

PACKAGE ACCESSORIES: Both breastpumps come complete with everything you need to double pump, including two breastshield assemblies, tubing, and at least two Medela bottles. The Pump In Style is housed in an attractive black carrying case which has separate compartments for pumping accessories and for cold storage of breast milk (freezer cooling elements are included). The Double Select does not contain a carrying bag or cooling elements. The Pump In Style includes a starter pack of 20 Medela CSF (Collection, Storage, Freezer) bags, and a sample of PureLan lanolin cream, while the Double Select does not include these items.

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